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Ampoule Technology

Kurdy Pharma Glass Establishment laboratory is equipped with the following apparatuses:

1. BREAKING FORCE TESTING APPARATUS: This apparatus measures the necessary force for breaking the ampoule in the place marked with the breaking line, and prints a report of the result.

2. CENTRALIZATION TESTING APPARATUS : This apparatus measures the rate of centralization of the ampoules and its conformity with the universal specification by means of a special micrometer whose accuracy is 0.001 MM.

3. TEMPER TEST APPARATUS : This apparatus measures the pressure existing in the glass by means of a special glass panel and reflecting rays.

All the machine as well as production requisites are of up-to-date European make, including the raw materials which are of Borosilicate.
The production procedure is a fully automated to avoid producing defect ampoules.

The machineries are equipped with apparatuses to print the name of the medicine, the emblem of the factory and the validity date besides the colour break line or O.P.C (one point cut).


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